Pergamon Films Ltd. was founded by Yücel and Yenal Orman in 2012 with the intention of carrying their multi-functional roles into a more formal state. The company quickly started producing audiovisual content for TV, state bodies and various corporates. The workload of the company since, consisted documentaries, commercials and corporate films. And the responsibilities included producing, directing, writing, live action shoots, 2D/3D animations and VFX.

Pergamon Films Ltd. is motivated by pushing the boundaries in all aspects of audiovisual communication. The aim is to tell visual stories in World class standarts…

Yücel Orman

Yücel Orman is the producer in most of the company’s works. He is in charge with management and future strategies . His skills also encompass writing and editing as well as 2D/3D animations  and drone technologies. He is quite competent in severeal Adobe Suite and 3D modeling/animation softwares . He is also studying new areas in visual communications like photography, 3d modeling, education technologies.

 Yücel Orman graduated from METU (Ankara), Mechanical Engineering and did his MSc. on High Energy Astrophysics at Ankara University. Currently he is doing his PhD. on Astrophysics at Ege University.

Yenal Orman

Yenal Orman is the director and the DoP in most of the company’s works. His skills also encompass writing and editing as well as 2D/3D animations and VFX. He is quite competent in severeal Adobe Suite and 3D modeling/animation softwares. He has succesfully managed all these roles not only for Pergamon Films Ltd. but also for other contractor companies in the recent years.

Yenal Orman is also a PhD student of Archaeology at METU (Ankara) and UCL (London). His research interests include the use of Photogrammetry, 3D Modeling/Scanning and Virtual Reality  in Archaeology. He published a MSc thesis on Close Range Photogrammetry and currrently researching on the the use of documentaries as an academic dissemination method for his PhD dissertation.